Manny H. Photos

The Story of Manny H. Photos
        Manny H Photos is owned and operated by me, Emmanuel "Manny" Haratsaris. After pursuing my business degree at Michigan State University, I worked in the business world before I found my true calling as a high school social studies teacher. Due to a flexible summer schedule, I have been afforded the time and ability to travel and see the world. During my journey across six of the seven continents, I found a true passion for photography and travel. I have visited over 30 foreign countries and over 30 States. As a predominantly self-taught photographer, my joy lies in the ability to capture unique glimpses of the world and share part of that journey with others. The hope is to inspire and/or move those that view my photos in their own special way. As an educator, my passion for growing in my craft of photography never ends. I continue to pursue my photographic education through blogs, online videos, seminars, books, classes, etc. As a humanitarian, I hope my photos can truly make a difference in the world.
Manny H. Photos' Mission Statement
        Manny H Photos specializes in travel photography with a focus on the landscape, nature, cityscapes and wildlife he’s encountered on his adventures across the globe. The photos provided by Manny H Photos reflect his passions for travel, culture and amazing attractions the world has to offer. Manny H wants to share these extraordinary experiences and locations with the hopes of moving and inspiring others. By exploring the world through his lens Manny H Photos hopes to inspire more people to travel and experience the wonders of the world with their own eyes and create their own magical experiences. He feels beauty presents itself in our own backyards or half way across the world; you just have to be willing to look. In addition, the fine art provided by Manny H Photos is intended to help enhance one's living space or work environment and has a bigger purpose. Each photo sold helps someone in need. Please visit Making A Difference tab from home page to learn more.